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Global Career Support founder Elizabeth Njeru interviewed on Diversity and Inclusion

It's different

Living and working in another country or community with a different language and habits, norms and values, and an unknown environment will bring you different needs.

I can help

you deal with the challenges you are facing, taking your specific international context into account. You will not only know what you want but also have influence on the results you achieve. You will be able to use your talents effectively, feel at home at work, and be in a better position to seize career opportunities when these present themselves. You will be confident and empowered, able to influence the direction that your life takes.

Global Career Support founder Elizabeth Njeru with a group of people at the National Career Fair of the Netherlands in 2024

You look for help, but

you might find that the available personal and professional development services that may be effective for locals may not be effective for you. 

Are you looking for?

a professional who can relate to you.

who is qualified, understands the fire of your ambition and can imagine what it took to get you to where you are today.

one who is able to help you come up with a strategy that fits who you are as an individual with your unique reality of living and working as a person who came from elsewhere, or who is seen as such.

who gets that you've got what it takes but might be insecure about being able to achieve your goals.

Client Success Stories

Elizabeth's energy is unmatched and her coaching sessions are mind blowing. When I attended one of her sessions in October 2022, I was challenged as an international student in the Netherlands to think beyond just my master's degree.

Emily Edepi

Elizabeth's coaching was a game-changer. Besides securing me a professional job in the Netherlands, her enthusiastic and insightful guidance made my whole move and professioanl transition smooth as well as quite rewarding.

Peter Ndung'u

Elizabeth is super results driven and she goes the extra mile to help you to face your issues and resolve them.

I was also impressed at how much network and resources she has and how she included them in her work with me.

Herbert S.

Elizabeth is holistic in her approach, makes you feel comfortable and safe.

Terry Njagi

I arrived to Netherlands one month ago and I felt really lost. Elizabeth helped with exactly what I needed! She helps me not only to make a plan about my the job research, but also to understand what I want!
Thank you so much! I found on her a perfect professional and a wonderful person!

Maria Fermani

Your best bet

is a fulfilling life & career.

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