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Global Career Support Founder Elizabeth Njeru giving a speech at a Diversity and Inclusion Coaching Session

Thriving as an

relies on workplace happiness, development, and well-being which is a shared responsibility. In the world of today, it seems that the responsibility and burden of ensuring happy, productive, and ever developing teams and employees solely lies on the shoulders of the employer. Everywhere you look there are diversity and inclusion workshops, trainings and other services all geared towards helping the organization itself become better in this area.

Empowering your people

Employees themselves have an important role to play in achieving their own happiness, well-being, and development at work. They must take ownership and a leading role for this to happen. This, however, does not happen automatically.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Are you losing valuable time trying to help your international employees settle in or find their way?

Do they seem unmotivated or unproductive after some time?Are they unable to keep up?

Do you find yourself in conflict with them but not understanding why or how to resolve it?

Are you wasting time and money on new acquisition and onboarding rounds for important positions?

I can help

When challenges your organization is experiencing specifically relate to your employee’s international backgrounds, or to a team’s intercultural set up, you need someone who has the exact corresponding experience. Someone who can break down the complex layers of factors that both you and your employees with an international background, consciously or unconsciously have to deal with every day into.

Global Career Support Founder Elizabeth Njeru with the attendees of the National Career Fair of the Netherlands 2024

Client Success Stories

Elizabeth's energy is unmatched and her coaching sessions are mind blowing. When I attended one of her sessions in October 2022, I was challenged as an international student in the Netherlands to think beyond just my master's degree.

Emily Edepi

Elizabeth's coaching was a game-changer. Besides securing me a professional job in the Netherlands, her enthusiastic and insightful guidance made my whole move and professioanl transition smooth as well as quite rewarding.

Peter Ndung'u

Elizabeth is super results driven and she goes the extra mile to help you to face your issues and resolve them.

I was also impressed at how much network and resources she has and how she included them in her work with me.

Herbert S.

Elizabeth is holistic in her approach, makes you feel comfortable and safe.

Terry Njagi

I arrived to Netherlands one month ago and I felt really lost. Elizabeth helped with exactly what I needed! She helps me not only to make a plan about my the job research, but also to understand what I want!
Thank you so much! I found on her a perfect professional and a wonderful person!

Maria Fermani

Your best bet

is a happy workplace.

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